Searching for Hope

I’m on a quest. I’m seeking hope amidst these troubling times. Some people may think I’m foolish for doing so. With how the world is going right now, how could I possibly believe that hope still exists? The times are too dark to even believe in such a thing. It would be easier to just accept the unpleasantness and try my best to survive. 

But I can’t live like that. There’s just no way. I have to have hope in order to make it day after day. And even though there are times when I think I’m naive for having hope in this world, I remind myself of what I have already been through. My recovery journey has taught me that each day brings a fresh start and a new opportunity for goodness. No matter what bad has happened or is occurring, I can still find the strength to go on. 

There’s no doubt there will be days where I have to go much slower, and sometimes even think of giving up. That’s part of being human. But that doesn’t mean I can’t find something bigger than myself to put my hope in. No matter what form it comes in, hope can be a part of my life. It can be a part of all our lives.


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