Why Can’t Things Just Go Right?

pexels-photo-551588.jpegI am trying to make things right in my life. I have been taking my medicine, exercising, and going to therapy almost weekly. I am combating my negative thoughts and trying to have better relationships with the ones around me. All in all I think I have been doing a pretty fair job with getting my life on a better track. Too bad the universe does not see it that way.

There have always been difficult times in my life, but this time has felt slightly different. Maybe it’s because I am getting older and learning the ways of the world a little better. Or maybe things have plainly become shittier in my life. When it feels like things are getting even just a little bit better, something else comes and fucks it up. I am trying my best to play through this game of life. Too bad someone keeps changing the rules.

Right now I feel lost and confused, and I’m not quite sure which way I should go. I feel like giving up. I want to run away. I just want to disappear.






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