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  • The Qi Life: Leg Springs

    The Qi Life: Leg Springs

    In this edition of The Qi Life, I show how to do the leg springs exercise. This is a great one for balance and leg strength, as well as posture. Check out the video below:

  • Discover Flow #2: Cat Stance

    Discover Flow #2: Cat Stance

    “Discover Flow” is a campaign to teach Taiji to anyone who wants to learn. For this second video, I teach a basic movement called “Cat Stance”. This is a great warm-up that can help with your balance and breathing.

  • Discover Flow: Taiji for All

    Discover Flow: Taiji for All

    As a part of my work with River of Joy Studios, I have started a campaign titled “Discover Flow”. Practicing Taiji has been a great resource for me as I’ve worked through my recovery, and during the last few years I have been able to gain a couple of certifications that have led me to…