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  • Urban Explorer

    Urban Explorer

    Hey everyone! I haven’t posted anything in some time. Here are some photos from my urban adventures that I hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more photography expeditions.

  • Experimenting with Kodak Gold 200

    Experimenting with Kodak Gold 200

    Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I wanted to share some film photos I took on my Ilford Sprite 35 ii. This time I used Kodak Gold 200. I’m not that great at film photography, but it’s nice to do some experimenting for fun and growth. Hope to share more things with you…

  • Just some photos

    Just some photos

  • Blacklick Woods Metro Park (January 22, 2022)

    Blacklick Woods Metro Park (January 22, 2022)

    Hey everyone! I ventured out to Blacklick Woods Metro Park this morning to take some photos. Overall it was a great time, and it felt so good to get out there again, despite almost freezing my fingers off. Also, I experienced a photographer’s worst nightmare when I had to reformat my memory card and had…

  • Old photos

    Hey everyone! I was going through old memory cards and found some photos that I haven’t seen for some time. I wanted to share a few with you here. I’ll be going through some more over the next couple days, and if I find some good ones I’ll make sure to share. Take care! -UN

  • Film photography (Nov. 2021)

    Film photography (Nov. 2021)

    Hey everyone! I bought an Ilford Sprite 35mm camera last month and took it downtown to get some shots. Going forward I’m interested in doing more film photography, and this new camera is a great one to take out and about. I look forward to posting my next batch soon. Love Always, U.N.

  • Columbus to Toronto (2021) Video

    Hey everyone! I am currently taking part in the online Film & TV Certification from NYU, and created a video using my photos from my recent trip to Canada. Just something fun that I wanted to share with others.

  • Last day in Toronto

    Last day in Toronto

  • Toronto Day 5

    Toronto Day 5

  • Toronto Day 4

    Toronto Day 4