Hey, Soos! #13

January 20, 2021

Hey, Soos!

I guess you could say that today is a day of hope. It’s a small amount of hope, but hope nonetheless. The future is still very uncertain, of course. Many people, myself included, are still scared about what could happen in the coming months and years. But for today, it finally feels like we can breathe a little easier.

In my own personal life, hope has been on an up and down trend. When I wake up each day, I’m never quite sure how my mood will play out for the rest of the day. I usually don’t have high hopes. Sad, I know. But at least I’m being honest.

I wonder, Soos, how you view me and my struggles? Do you see me in the midst of sorrow and feel nothing but pity? Are you angry or annoyed? Or do you wish to comfort me?

I don’t like to burden others with my sadness and depression. It makes me feel even worse than before. I even regret putting all of my problems on you Soos. I’m thankful for you love and support.

Please let me know if this is becoming too much.


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