Hey, Soos! #8

Hey, Soos!

I have a peculiar expression for you, so get ready.

I feel like I don’t have skin.

Of course, I don’t mean literally—my skin is one of the things keeping me together. I mean that emotionally, my skin protects me from nothing. Everything I come across touches me so deeply that at times it can be physically painful. I feel like this only happens with my not-so-fun emotions. They completely overwhelm me. But not my positive ones. No, they just briefly splash over me, leaving nothing to show for it.

I know that feeling a lot can make me a great empath who genuinely cares about others. Yet I can’t help but wonder if it’s a curse of some kind.

I imagine you are someone who feels things very deeply. You see the pain that people go through and you want to help them, at the very least offer them some form of comfort. But how do you keep it from overwhelming you Soos? Do you have any pointers?

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