Hey, Soos! #7

October 17, 2020

Hey, Soos!

One day I hope to climb a mountain. Yes, a super random way to start out this entry, I know. Why would a born-and-raised Ohio girl want to climb a mountain? I guess there are a few reasons that I can think of off the top of my head. One, I’ve always liked mountains. Seeing pictures of them growing up always inspired me. All of the differing shapes and peaks that reached to the sky reminded me of how big the world is. I think a lot of people can become limited in their world views, not wanting to look beyond their comfort zones. But how can you grow if you don’t take a step out of your bubble and look up?

I grew up only seeing the Appalachian Mountains when we’d take trips down South. When we’d take the highways through them, I often wondered if we’d drive off the side of a cliff. Not the most pleasant thought, but that’s kind of my speciality. 

And when we took our trip out West and I saw the Rockies for the first time, I had a similar feeling. Mountains not only remind me of how big the world is, but also how small I am in comparison. 

I wrote about feeling bad about my body image not so long ago, and wanting to exercise to lose more weight faster. But I have tried to change that perspective and see my exercising as a way to do incredible things. I feel like you would want me to see it that way. Eh, what do I know?


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