Film Photography Adventures: Yellow Springs, OH

During the past couple of years of my photography journey, I had fallen away from the use of film, but recently made an effort to get back into practicing it more and more. This past month I took a trip to Yellow Springs, OH and brought the film camera with me. Here are some of my favorite shots.


    1. I have a canon ae-1. I only have a 35mm lens for that camera. I haven’t invested in any other lenses yet, but hopefully I can start doing it the more I do film. I’m mostly a digital person but love the challenges of film photography

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      1. I mostly shoot digitally these days. I keep a Canon EOS-1 and 50mm F1.4 around to shoot film. I’ve been exploring the aesthetics of film as a way to inform my digital photography. As for the 35mm, that’s a phenomenal focal length that is usually my goto if I want something wider than a 50.


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