Hey, Soos! #5

October 13, 2020

Hey, Soos!

Creativity is one of the most important things in my life. Without it, I’m not quite sure where I would be. In many ways creativity has kept me somewhat quasi-sane during my darkest moments. When my anxiety reached a fever pitch during my childhood years, I would go in the basement and draw until I felt more in control of my feelings. Whenever my depression got in the way of my functioning, I would take time to write, allowing myself to get lost in the words and shut out the dark thoughts as much as I could. 

I think creativity can be expressed through a variety of means. It’s not limited to just the arts. You can think creatively, solve problems creatively, make food creatively, etc. When we limit ourselves, that’s when creativity ends. 

But sometimes there can be a downside to the creative world, mostly in the form of comparison. It’s far too easy to compare what you make to the creations of others, and feel like you’re not good enough. Personally this has been a major struggle in my creative journey. Comparison zaps the joy out of creating and can sometimes leave you resenting the thing that you once cherished. That’s happened to me quite a few times, but now I think I’m on the mends. 

What’s your take on creativity? I see your creations every single time I walk outside. And I must say, you did an excellent job. I’m sure you see others who have fallen into the trap of comparison, and I imagine you feel sorry for them. In your eyes, anything they create is beautiful. Hopefully more creators will see that for themselves. 





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