Hey, Soos! #3

October 11, 2020

Hey, Soos!

What are some of your favorite stories? Do you like romance, mystery, comedy or drama? Are you a long novel or more of a short story kind of guy? Or are you a fan of poetry? (Personally, I am not).

Do you ever get so lost in a story that once you finish your real life seems stranger than before? I’ve gotten that feeling a lot, especially as a kid and angsty teen (very, very angsty). My love of stories got me through some of the darkest periods of my life. Even when a novel was filled with heart wrenching moments, I still found a sense of comfort in the words. Maybe it was because I felt seen—my pain was not something that I had to deal with by myself. Even characters that solely stemmed from the mind of a writer were like friends that could hold my hand through the hard times.

I believe that stories connect humans more than anything else. And maybe that’s because we are all a part of the overarching story of humanity. Despite people who would say differently, we are all connected, even in ways that we don’t always see. It’s really beautiful when you step back and think about it.

You are quite the storyteller yourself. People don’t seem to give you the credit you deserve for your creative mind. Reading your stories, I see that you also subscribe to the belief that we are all connected, despite our differences.

I honestly feel sorry for those who solely seek to divide with promoting hate and fear. Yes, of course they make me angry beyond reason, but in some ways I pity them for their lack of love and compassion. Living without love is like not living at all. I hope more people will find love and grow in it. It really is the most beautiful thing in the world.





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