Am I Too Sensitive?

I cry easily. Some would say a little too easily. I cry when watching movies or TV shows, when reading books, and when listening to music, just to name a few. I wear my emotions on my sleeves for the world to see, and struggle to hide them. Maybe I’m too sensitive. Some would say that’s a bad thing, but I don’t see it that way. In fact, in some ways I see it as a real gift in a world that thrives on insensitivity.

There can be many causes for me being highly sensitive. Maybe it’s something I was born with. Or maybe it’s something that grew and developed over time as I got older. Whatever its cause, it is here and here to stay. In many ways my emotions play a huge role in how I conduct my life and how I make decisions. For better or for worse, I give them a lot of authority. And while some may view this as a colossal mistake, to me it’s just the way I live. And it has led me to some pretty eye-opening discoveries about life.

One of the most evident advantages of being more in tune with my emotions has been my ability to relate and feel more connected to other people. All of us are emotional creatures, and one of our greatest gifts as humans is being able to empathize with one another. When we see someone in pain, we feel that pain with them. When we someone who is happy, we celebrate and feel that happiness for ourselves. In a way, we are all connected through our ability to express and share how we’re feeling with those around us. As someone who is considered highly sensitive, I think it is especially true for me.

I easily pick up on how other people are feeling, even when they don’t say anything. Noticing the certain vibes that someone gives off, I’m able to have some form of control on how I approach them. If I pick up on the fact that someone is not in the best mood, I use more caution when talking to them and try my best not to make them feel worse. And if someone is in a good mood, I am able to rest easy and be in a chill mood myself.

Being highly sensitive also helps me understand others and their different points of views. As I mentioned before, it is important to be able to empathize with fellow human beings. And it is also important to see where they are coming from on certain issues. I try to listen and understand others as much as possible, even at times where I don’t understand or necessarily agree with where they are coming from. Everyone wants to feel validated and know that their opinions matter. If more of us practiced better listening and were more open to understand each other, then I think it would be a step in the right direction for our human race.

I’ve already said how it doesn’t take too much to make me cry. Crying is a funny thing for us humans. Everyone does it in one way or another, but rarely do we want to admit it. Crying is a sensitive subject for most, and many try their best not to do it. And even though crying is not my favorite activity to partake in, I do see its benefits. Crying helps me to release the emotions that I keep trapped inside and in a way start life again with a blank slate. Whatever negative or sad thing that was festering within me, crying gets it out of my system and into the rest of the world. It validates the pain and anguish that I had been feeling just moments before.

And sometimes I don’t even cry because I’m sad. I can cry because I’m happy or have found something a little too funny. I even cry when I find something beautiful or moving. The less I bottle up my tears, the better. They are a natural expression of release that does me good.

So yes, I am a highly sensitive person. I used to see it as a disadvantage, but not anymore. Using my sensitivity, I feel like I am able to better appreciate life and all it has to offer. Whether it’s the good or the bad, I experience life for all it is. It may not always be the most comfortable experience, but in the end I think it’s worth it.

To anyone reading this, I hope you know that it’s okay to be sensitive. You don’t always have to hold back. Embrace what you’re feeling and keep living. And if you need to, shed a tear or two.

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