Being a quiet creative

One thing that can be said about me with utmost certainty is that I’m quiet. It’s been a running theme throughout my life that I used to look down upon but now see as a kind of strength. In my mind it’s one of my superpowers, and something that I view with a sense of pride. Being on the quiet side has given me a unique perspective on this loud world, and now it’s given me a new perspective on a very important part of my life: my creativity. In fact, I have started to give myself the label of quiet creative. 

Along with my quietness, my creativity is one of my most important attributes. It’s a quality that I hold close to my heart because it defines so much of me. My creativity has helped me to adapt throughout my life, especially during the more challenging times. My imagination kept my sane when everything else around me seemed to be falling apart. Being creative allowed me to make sense of the world around me. Without some form of creativity I would have given up long before now, yet I am still here today. But there is a part of me that sometimes questions my validity as a creative. Can I really call myself creative when I don’t fit the creative archetype that we have in this world. Or am I merely just an impostor? 
When I think of the archetype of a creative person, I normally don’t think of someone like me. I think of someone who is outgoing and colorful, someone who radiates a certain kind of energy that screams creativity. Creative people dress differently and move to their own rhythm. There’s just something about them that makes them stand out, and sometimes I believe that I don’t have that special something. I don’t act like your typical creative person. My wardrobe is fairly standard (mainly because I have no sense of style), and I’m far from being outgoing. The rhythm I move to is offbeat most days, and I like to play around in the background. Despite my creative gifts and inclinations, I struggle to see myself as a true creative. And as someone who values creativity over so much in her life, that can be a real bummer. 
Not seeing the creativity in my life as being valid puts a real damper on me, but recently my thought process about the matter has begun to change. Instead of seeing creativity confined to one type of box, I’ve started to view it as a diverse entity with many different faces. Creative people are not just those who dress differently or act in a certain way. They can be whoever they want to be. A creative person can be a young, self-reflective- quiet woman who loves to scribble in a notebook, capture the world’s beauty through a lens, and practice an ancient Chinese martial art. A creative person can be me. 
So back to my original idea of being a quiet creative. Yes, I may be quiet and not fit the typical mold of a creative person, but I think that’s okay. Creativity can come in all different styles, and this just happens to be mine. Even though I don’t put myself out there like other creatives do, my skills and passion are still valid. I let my work speak for itself, and try my best not to change the core of who I am. It’s okay if my creativity does not look the same as anyone else’s. What is important is that I stay true to mine and cultivate it to a healthy standard. I can use my creativity however I want, even if it comes from a place of quiet. In fact, sometimes quiet creativity can spark the loudest discussions. It’s all a matter of who is speaking. And this time, it’s my voice. 


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