My Goals for 2020

I’ve never been one who was caught up in New Year’s resolutions. However, I do have some goals that I would like to accomplish in 2020. Even if I don’t achieve all that are on this list next year, I will be okay. The point is that I try in the first place, and try I will.

1. Self-publish a book of 25 essays for my 25th birthday.

2. Develop and grow my blog to reach a wider audience

3. Build my photography business and expand my artistry

4. Become a certified Tai Chi instructor and teach someone new

5. See at least 40 new movies

6. Have biweekly to monthly podcast and videos of inspirational talks that I upload to YouTube and other services

7. Practice better mental and physical wellness

8. Travel someplace new

9. Get at least one sleeve tattoo (and maybe a few smaller ones)

10. Live in the present

11. Learn at least one song on the ukulele

12. Reconnect with God


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