My Creativity

One of the things that I’m most proud of in my life is my ability to be creative. Being able to create and having original ideas gives me a sense of purpose that I can’t find anywhere else. A large part of my identity is rooted in my creativity, and without it I would not be the same. Creativity breathes in a fresh air to the rest of life, and it’s something that I try to grow and develop each day.

Creativity can be expressed by a variety of means, and looking at my life I see that it has come through in different ways. My main method of expressing my creativity comes through what I’m doing now: writing. Ever since I was young I have been driven by the art of storytelling. Writing easily became the best way to express myself when I was younger, lending me a voice that I could use with confidence. I wrote stories of adventure, romance, mystery and much more. My stories spoke of brave heroes and rouge villains; the ordinary person becoming extraordinary, and even a talking eagle who lived on the beach. As I got older I tried my hand at poetry and more experimental writing. I shared my work on blogs and website forums, trying to get as much exposure to my work as possible. In some ways, writing saved my life. Without having ti during some of the most pivotal moments of my life, I don’t know if I would be here today.

Even though writing serves as my main vehicle for expression, I also find that other art forms help my creativity. As a kid and teenager I took art classes and was always desperate to create beautiful works that would move others. I would draw, paint, and make collages. Along with the “traditional” therapy that I had to go through to help sort out my issues, I also took part in art therapy. As I went through some of my hardest times, I turned to art to help save me from both outside forces and myself. Even though I was far from being a perfect artist, I would still create.

When I turned 20 I found the art form that spoke to me the most (and one that I was actually good at): photography. Again came that desire to tell stories through my work, and photography gave me a chance to do that. I found freedom in capturing the world around me from my point of view and sharing with others what I saw. No one else could reflect my point of view except me. With photography I could go on adventures and see the world through a new lens. My creativity was mountain high.

I can’t imagine my life without creativity and expression. All my life I have felt different from the world around me, but creativity said that it was ok. In fact, my differences led me to be even more creative. I learned to be creative in my life not just through my artistic means, but in every day situations. My creativity led me to be adaptable, especially in tougher situations. Creativity has become my way of life, and I hope to live creatively every day.


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