Being Different is My Super Power

Everyone claims that they want to be different. But how many are willing to step away from the crowd and into the unknown? Do people fully understand what it really means to be different or even sometimes weird in others’ eyes? Or does saying “I’m different” just a way for people to feel special about themselves.

There are many opinions that can be had about why people strive to be seen as different from everyone else. Wanting to feel special and unique is certainly a core reason, and who could blame someone for it? We all want to feel like we matter in the grand scheme of our universe and that we’re not just a cheap copycat of someone else. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be different and living out those differences every day, even when it can mean being vulnerable.

But must also recognize some of the “setbacks” that come with being different. When you travel on a different path than others you often experience loneliness and isolation. Throughout much of my life I have felt like most people will never truly understand me because I’m not like most people, and that often led to me isolating myself. Being different also made me suspicious of other people’s intentions and if they really had my best interest at heart at all. Some did while others ultimately didn’t, but I think that is common for everyone. But I would often blame me being different for a lot of my personal issues and started to resent my uniqueness. That led to its own set of problems, so the cycle just continued. But today I want to break that cycle and see me being different as my super power.

Being different has granted me a unique set of experiences that I would not have had if I stuck to the “normal” path. I see the world through a different lens and unique perspective. In no way to do I consider myself to be better or superior to anyone else. Simply put, I’m just different. And that’s my super power.





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