Sharing Your Recovery Story

Everyone loves a good story. And what better story to tell than one of recovery? A recovery story is a very special kind of story to share with others. Yet there are many people who choose to keep their recovery story to themselves. There can be many reasons for this. Maybe a person isn’t comfortable with being vulnerable and in some instances may feel embarrassed by what they’ve gone through. Many may fear the judgment that can come from others when sharing something so personal about themselves. Or maybe someone thinks that their story isn’t important enough and can’t inspire someone else. In spite of these doubts and fears I think sharing one’s recovery story is one of the bravest things that someone can do in life.

Everyone goes through a recovery of some kind. Mainly the term recovery is reserved for people who have dealt with mental illness and/or substance use. But everyone is in recovery from something. For some it can be recovery from a break up or a dissolving relationship. Or maybe it can be recovery from losing a desired job. Recovery is something that is different for everyone, and I think more recovery stories need to be shared. When recovery is shared with other people, I believe that it can start miracles in people’s lives. Hearing another person’s recovery story lets you know that you are not alone in your own journey. Someone else had walked in your shoes and made it out on the other side. The journey through recovery is not an easy one, but with the help of others’ stories, we realize that it is possible. Recovery is possible for everyone, no matter their story.


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