My Tattoos and Their Meanings Part 1

“Picture It…”

One of my favorite characters from any form of media (books, TV, movies, etc.) is without a doubt Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls. Being known as the no holds barred Sicilian with wit and attitude, Sophia was always known for her life lessons through her many stories. And all of those stories began with a simple phrase: “Picture it…”. What followed was usually the location and time period that the story took place in. While all of her stories may not have been completely factual, Sophia’s catchphrase has tapped into something that I am really passionate about: storytelling.

I love stories. I love reading, writing and telling them. When stories come to life on screen it fills me with joy. Stories are an integral part of the human experience. And when we think of up stories in our heads, we have to picture them. Besides being a direct quote from one of my favorite TV shows of all time, my “Picture it…” tattoo serves as a hopeful reminder. Whenever I read it I can start to picture hopeful things that can combat some of the depressing stuff going on in my life. It is a reminder that the bad does not have to last forever, and that things can and will get better. “Picture it…” opens up my imagination to the more on life. Maybe when I’m old and gray like Sophia I will have my own wacky stories to recite and give advice that may not be exactly called for. But for now, “Picture it…” will serve as a reminder to hope and dream big.


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