Loving Myself is Hard To Do

When it comes to loving myself I get a F+. It’s sad but true. I don’t love myself. I don’t see my unique value in the world. I don’t see in myself what other people claim to see. Never in my life have I looked at myself in the mirror and said those three little words: I Love You. I wish that this wasn’t the case, but reality doesn’t lie. There will never be a greater critic of me than myself. No one can ever be harder on me than Uele Nayo can. Even when I look at photos of myself as a little girl, I just can’t bring myself to say it. My heart is hardened towards the woman that I am with more than anyone else. How do I learn to love myself? How do I begin to see what others see? Right now I don’t have those answers, but I hope to very soon. I can’t go my whole life hating myself. That’s just no way to live.

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