Raising My Voice

I have always been a quiet person. In fact, there was a time in my life where I was nearly completely silent (selective mutism). I don’t like to be loud or really put myself out there. I’d much rather be in the background, working behind the scenes. Raising my voice has always been a challenge for me, but nowadays I see it as a necessity.

I am very passionate about mental health issues, and have been wanting to share that passion with others around me. Mental health affects every single one of us, and we need to have more open and honest conversations about it. When we remain silent on this issues, people undoubtedly suffer. They feel isolated because they believe that no one else can relate to what they are going through. But the truth is we have all had experiences with troubling mental health. We have all gone through some sort of depression or anxiety that has left us feeling hopeless. But when we share our experiences, we can begin the healing process. When we talk about it, we begin to control it.

Deciding to raise my voice on the issues of mental health was not an easy one. I knew that I would no longer be operating in the background–I would be front and center on the big stage. The issues that I have struggled with for years would be on display for the works to see. Raising my voice would take me out of my comfort zone. It would be one of the scariest things that I have ever done. But it would also be the most important one.

Raising my voice led me to make a video. There was no script. I had no real plan in place for what I was going to say. But I knew I had to say something. I couldn’t remain silent. So I turned to my heart. I spoke of what I know to be true in my life, and just hoped for an audience that would listen. Even if only one person watched the video, I knew that I would make a difference. My message would continue to grow on its own. My voice would be heard by someone. I was determined.

The video I made will hopefully be the first of many. I want to continue to spread my message of hope to others around the world. The conversation needs to happen, and I will do everything in my power to keep it going. I may not be the new center of attention, but I am no longer operating solely in the background. I am raising my voice for a cause that is greater than myself. Hear me loud and hear me clear. My voice will not be silenced.





One response to “Raising My Voice”

  1. The Psych Talk Avatar

    This seemed like it could have been written by me. I also had selective mutism growing up and through most my teens. I am also passionate about mental health issues and it’s a motivator for me to speak up. I wish you absolutely all the luck with your video making!

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