Diary Entry

I have been feeling on edge lately. Life has been stressing me out and it’s been hard to cope with it. I feel like I am being pulled in multiple directions. I am being controlled by fears that want nothing more than to hurt me. I am starting to feel hopeless when it comes to my future. These are all sucky feelings that I have to deal with and overcome.

I am searching for a paradise in a world where it feels like they could never exist. I want peace in both my heart and mind. I don’t want to be controlled by my anxiety and depression anymore. Rather, I want to control them and take back my life. For too long I have been controlled by my fears and the what ifs that naturally come with life. They have kept me imprisoned in an endless cycle of despair, and it feels like there’s no way out. A darkness surround me, engulfing me in its clutches. Everything feels like it’s falling apart, and I can’t put it back together.

Maybe one day I won’t have these feelings. One day I can be at peace with myself and others. I would no longer be enslaved to the bad feelings in my life. I would finally be free.





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