What I Want to Do: A Glimpse Into My Dreams

When I was a kid my dream job was to be play soccer for the United State Women’s National Team. Soccer was my life at the time and I wasn’t half bad at it, so why not aim for the biggest league of all? I had a dream and I tried to pursue it, but that dream changed along with many other things in my life. I evolved into a different person, and with that evolution came new dreams that I am currently seeking out.

Two things that I love to do are writing (obviously) and photography. They are my artistic outlets that allow me to express my inner thoughts and feelings to those around me. They are like their own forms of therapy for me, and through them I am able to work through the hard stuff that I face every day. But I want these expressions to mean and do more in my life. It is a dream to share them with the rest of the world.

One facet of photography that I am actively pursuing is nature photography, specifically landscape and animal. I am a lover of the outdoors and all of the possibilities that come with it. The structures, colors, textures, and so much more that make up a natural landscape are fascinating. Capturing them with just the click of my camera is an honor and privilege, and I want to travel all over the world and capture these natural wonders in all of their refinement. Those moments can never be recreated to their exact detail, so why not make a memory that can last forever?

Animals are intriguing, and trying to take their picture is a thrilling challenge. They are free spirited entities that do not believe in the idea of restriction. I want to capture their spirits of freedom that comes with each animal. The unique sense of beauty that comes with each species should be shared with anyone who wants to see it. Animals may not be able to speak our many languages, but they can speak through their image. If I could have the opportunity to be their messenger, I would be forever grateful.

Writing is its own mountain to climb. It does not always come easy to me, but I still try to get my ideas down on paper. I want to write it all: book, stories, screenplays, articles, etc. My mind is brimming with ideas that need to get out, and writing is their outlet for escape. I may not be the best or most eloquent when it comes to words, but I have the passion to share what I know. My voice will be heard through the words that I write. I just hope someone will read them.

My dreams have changed as I have gotten older, but my passion has not. I do not want to simply live a life that consists of holding down a job and living from 9 to 5. I strive for a great fulfillment that comes from my creative passions. I know that things will not come easy for me, but I will plunge headfirst into whatever adventure awaits.

Dreams are worth chasing. So why not chase mine until the end of my days?





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