Dear My Mind #3

pexels-photo-54300Yes, I know it’s been awhile. But you should know better than anyone else why we haven’t talked for some time. The past month and a half have been difficult to say the least. At times it has even felt like a living hell. Sleepless nights, unbearable days–life has not been the kindest to me. I felt like giving up half the time, and the other half was spent with fantasies of escaping and running away from all of my problems. The two of us were in a battle. I felt helpless and hopeless.

But things are changing.

I know that it won’t happen overnight. I know every day won’t be easy. I won’t get it right every time. But I am still pushing forward to a better mindset. I no longer want to be controlled by negative thoughts that have no real purpose but to ruin my peace of mind. I want to have better control of my mind and life. My happiness will not be held hostage by the thoughts of my past. Life is worth living to the fullest, and I will fight any negativity that tries to stop me from doing this.  Anxiety is not allowed to have control anymore. I am a free person and will live like one.

It is a new beginning to a great adventure.






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