Living with Positivity


Many times in my life it feels like negativity is out to get me. It makes it hard for me to focus, be productive, and even live. At times it feels like I am drowning, and every time I am about to break the surface and catch a breath, I get pushed back down.

But I am sick and tired of letting this happen to me. I hate being a prisoner to something that isn’t even real. I can no longer lose sleep over thoughts that try to control me. I want to be free of thoughts that keep me in bondage. I’m ready for the chains to break.

How do you fight negativity and bad thoughts? Use a little bit of positivity and good thinking.

This may seem like too simple of an answer, but I think it can go a long way. It just depends on how you use it.

For my own life I know that I have to learn how to call bullshit on the thoughts that try to break me. Those thoughts aren’t definitive and don’t get to determine who I am. Life is already hard enough. Why should I let my thoughts make it even worse?

I need to practice positivity. That means actively seeking the silver linings, even when the clouds start to block out the sun. It means not letting negativity shake me to my core and leave me feeling helpless. I will take better control over my life and have a positive mindset when facing the world.

Life is worth living, and living it means living more positively. Negativity won’t bring me down. It’s time to stand up.





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