A Walk Among the Trees

In recent years I have rediscovered the “art” of walking along trails. From the paved sidewalks along the Scioto Mile in Downtown Columbus to the rugged paths spread throughout Hocking Hills, walking the trails has not only provided me with a new pastime, but also a sense of direction. It has helped me discover one of the things that I wish to do for the rest of my life. Actually, make that two things.

It is hard to pinpoint just that one thing that I like the most about walking trails. Whenever I start out on a new adventure it feels like I have been transported to a new world where I am the Creator. With music blaring in my ears my imagination is released to its full potential. The seemingly millions of story ideas come to me, a cast of characters waiting patiently for their stories to be told. I think about my own life, particularly the past. Yes, I know this is venturing into dangerous territory, but there is the also the opportunity for release and freedom. Walking becomes a therapy, and the trees provide my tranquility.

On some walks I take my camera along as my trusty companion. I capture the simple wonders of the scenes around me. At times I feel like my memories will not remember every striking detail that I see, so a picture is shot to keep them alive. I am able to experience both creation and recreational activities. I become lost.

I am not always alone. Sometimes He is there too (in this instance, He does not mean God). We do not always walk hand in hand, yet there is never much distance between us. We tend to walk slower than our counterparts, wanting to take in every last detail of nature that we can. It can be silent between us at times, but that does not mean that we are angry. We simply let go and follow the trail to wherever it can take us. I guess that can apply to life as well.

A walk among the trees is a walk I wish to take for the rest of my life. Whether it be at my local trail or across the globe, I need to experience that escape. The beautiful feeling. I chase this high to the greatest peak.

Don’t expect me to come down.






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