About Me

I admit that I am not the best when it comes to writing about myself. More specifically, writing about who I am as a whole person. But for the sake of this blog I will make an effort to present both the good and not so good parts of my life and personality to whoever wishes to know. To start, let’s list some quick facts

  • My name is pronounced Uele (way-lay) Nayo (NIGH-yo)
  • I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I have called this city home since I was a baby, but for a brief time I lived in Philadelphia. (Fly Eagles Fly)
  • Writing and photography are two of my main passions. At my current job I am able to do both at different capacities, but one day I hope to make them my full time work. I love the ability to create and share those creations with others, and writing and photography have given me a sense of voice that I did not have for a long time.
  • I love nature. I admit I am not an expert on the outdoors, but slowly and surely I am trying to learn as much as I can. I love journeying through the Hocking Hills close to home, as well as exploring the lands that are foreign to me. I crave the tranquility that nature brings, and some of my best memories have come from being outdoors.
  • Movies and Television are a big deal. Like many people, I love watching movies and TV shows. Any genre can catch my attention and take me to a world that is unlike my own. Comedies lift my spirits. Dramas cause me to reflect. There are times where I am so moved that tears come to my eyes, and I don’t even bother to cover them up. Art should make you feel.
  • My mind is a little messed up. Like many people in this country and abroad, I have mental health issues. As of today I have been diagnosed with bipolar depression and anxiety. Since I was a child I can remember feeling like something was wrong with me when it came to my mind, but it hasn’t been since recently that I have really started to understand. I do take medication but I know that it cannot be the only source of me getting better. It comes from somewhere within me. I am not ashamed of my mental illness, but I do not want it to control my life. If you keep up with my blog, you will be learning more and more about my messed up mind.
  • The Big Man Upstairs is super important. I am a Christian. Please don’t run off just because I said it. I promise that I am not one of those crazy hate-mongering “Christians” that you see on TV. But I will admit that I am not perfect and most of the time I fall short of what I am supposed to do. But I believe in second chances and the opportunity to get better. The story is Jesus is the most beautiful one ever written. I want to be more like Him in the way that I treat others, especially those who can’t do anything for me. I want to use my faith to help others and follow the example that Jesus gave. Yes, there are times where I have problems with the church and other issues, but in the end I know who God is and who He isn’t. I also like to read about different religions and even use some Buddhist meditation practices. God is in all things, why do we limit Him?


I think that is enough about me for right now, but if you keep up with this blog you will learn much more about me. Goodbye for now, I will write to you soon.


-Uele Nayo





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